TAC Series Scopes

Quick, flexible and yet accurate – with our TAC Series.
Quick-set dials with rotation lock, parallax correction and special reticles allow a quick target acquisition at widely differing distances.
Fine and exact click adjustments make easy corrections of the point of impact possible – perfectly matched to your favorite ammunition.





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The advantages of FALKE scopes – an overview:

  • Multi-layer coated, scratchproof lenses with maximum light transmission
  • Dimmable etched, glare-free illuminated reticle
  • Will not shoot loose, even with the most powerful magnum calibers, no matter what the climate zone
  • Water-tight and impact-resistant thanks to nitrogen filling
  • Fine-tunable adjustment towers with click adjustment boasting exact repeat accuracy
  • High-strength aluminum tube in sturdy single-part construction
  • Scratchproof surface in classy matte black
  • Parallax compensation – variable or preadjusted based on practical experience
  • Including screw-on magnification adjustment lever